January Coaching Programme: Launch your 2020 vision

  • Dina Grishin

This is a 5 week online coaching program to help you create the life you want this coming year. It equips you with the psychology tools and coaching essentials you will need for the year so you can set goals that matter, that you won't procrastinate over. Here's what we cover: Week 1: Mental cleanse & detox. We start with reflecting and extracting learnings from 2019. Choosing what we leave behind in the last decade, and what we take into this fresh new one. We learn common goal setting mistakes and how to avoid goal disenchantment. Week 2: What's important to you? You’re more than your CV, you’re more than your job title. We focus on what your core values, yearly values, passions and interests are. Week 3: Clear invisible resistance to change. We unwittingly keep ourselves small because it keeps us safe. This week we surface and examine our inner resistance through powerful coaching prompts. Week 4: Devil is in the details. All this lofty visions are all well and good, but what about the day-to-day? This week we learn why habits are the foundation to becoming the person we want to be. We decided on the actions we need to take to develop into someone who upholds are values. Week 5: Visualise & let go. This week we give permission to ourselves to dream big knowing that not all of the goals are made for this year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start visualising them. We learn why visions, visualising is important and we put it into practice. Dates: 12 January - 15 February Price: Upon enquiry. Discount given to those signing up in pairs. More info: dinagrishin.com/2020vision Email to join: coaching@dinagrishin.com