Jay Sawyer Chicago Social Media as a Marketing Platform

  • Jay Sawyer Northbrook

Ideally, you should use social media as a marketing platform to channel traffic back to your website, but use your social media accounts to promote yourself and channel that traffic to the back of the website.

Jay Sawyer Northbrook There are a number of different approaches to how you should not treat social media as an effective marketing tool for your brand, but ideally it should be used as one of your marketing platforms with the ultimate goal of driving traffic back to a website.

However, to build effective pages, focus on creating a comprehensive online presence that appeals to both your audience and your target market.
As more and more people spend their Internet time on social media, they are heading to your website, and as this extra web traffic is shared, your company's website will continue to lose ground.
It's always worth understanding the benefits of using websites and social media for your online brand and business, but before you discuss how they can help your business, remember that social media can help you share your content with the masses.
Jay Sawyer Glenview In social media, your brand must represent the brand that is used on the social media platform.

This means that your business needs a strong brand identity and a clear vision of what it wants to use on every social media platform, and that means the right content for every business.
Your own website gives you total control over your online presence and should also use social media to your advantage. The same applies to a controlled website and the establishment of an online presence exclusively on a social media platform.
Jay Sawyer Chicago In addition, integration into your own website as well as other websites is the best social medium for corporate marketing.

It also has great marketing capabilities and integrations and has business features so you can customize the features and interactions with customers without leaving your social media page.