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In this guide you will learn what page speed is, how to measure it and why loading times are so important to your website.

Jay Sawyer Chicago In this blog post, we will discuss how you can improve the speed of your website, as well as some tools that can help you measure the speed of your website. Learn the ins and outs of website and website speed, including what it is and how it is measured, where you can set the current bar and optimize your own website to make it faster.
If you find your site is running too slowly, you can use these eight site speed optimization tactics to create a more user-friendly and SEO-friendly site. If you have a web team and don't know what else to do, tell your developers to improve the speed of your site for Google users for now.

Jay Sawyer Glenview You may also want to follow these tips for boosting the speed of your websites from the Google Site and Google Speed Optimization Guide.
If you're ready to speed up your website, read Hubspot's free Site Optimization course to understand it from the ground up and learn how to design your websites the way you can. If you want to optimize the speed of your website, there are a few other metrics for the user experience that complement these metrics.

Jay Sawyer Northbrook Test your page speed with SiteSpeed, a free tool that lets you enter your website URL and get a quick overview of how you've improved the speed of your website. It will give you a page - Speed Score, and this will be given to you as part of your website Speed Optimization Plan for the next few months.
The first step to creating a better, more user-friendly website is to learn how to test your website for load speed.
Invest in the general good - that of your website - by taking the time to test and improve its speed. Get the best download speed for your websites with the help of a good website speed test tool like Speedtest.com or Google SpeedTest.
Jay Sawyer Chicago If you want to make sure that you don't lose your target market when your site takes forever to load, you need to make sure it focuses on its speed. If you can speed up the website, it will give you a better idea of the overall performance of your website and the speed of traffic. Do a speed check to find out where you stand and if it takes too long to load, create a website that is faster.