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Jay Sawyer Chicago Develops your website and focuses on fully conveying the value of your business. Analyze the opportunities that your products and / or services can bring on the Internet. Responsive design.

Jay Sawyer Chicago Services: logo design, corporate image, corporate branding. The last time you considered whether a user was blind or visually impaired when visiting the website? The Web is full of tips on how to design websites for blind users.

Most of them suggest that the site includes users of all abilities. Jay Sawyer Glenview Optimizing your website for screen readers is generally done behind the scenes and will not affect users with disabilities by making it accessible to screen readers.

However, there are some best practices to ensure that visually impaired users visit the site and what you should do. Web design aims to transmit the image of the business or brand and its values ​​in the online field by creating personalized web pages. It is mainly focused on improving visibility by responding to the needs and interactions of the public that visits a web page.

Jay Sawyer Northbrook Modern and functional web design mixes different disciplines that make the difference between heap pages and professional web page design. Professional web design involves planning, structural and aesthetic design, component implementation phases, content updating and even page maintenance along with other technical aspects.

It is about mixing concepts of graphic and interactive design with the latest trends in web design while adding functionalities that favor the user experience. But in addition, web design today includes other branches derived from online marketing that must be considered. Among them are SEO optimization and loading speed, factors that directly affect web positioning.