JCI London's Marketing Reboot

As part of my year working at JCI London, I've gone through an extensive reboot to make the branding pop, stand out and look more cohesive. In the past, directors would just make their own branding, or just use a photo from their last event as a cover photo.

I make no claims to knowledge of Photoshop. Everything has been created nice and simply in Canva. Sometimes we have the problem of incorporating logos or photos of our speakers (as seen above), which don't always fit with my self-created brand guidelines. I've been lucky in that there are very few restrictions when it comes to our overall guidelines; giving me a lot of free reign to play with stuff as I like
Feedback is always appreciated, but I am very limited in what I can achieve. Also, feel free to add links to places I can learn better graphics skills, to help take me to the next level.

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Ruth Pinion

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