JiXing — A new brand and digital platform for an innovative biotech company in China

JiXing is a leading biotechnology company headquartered in Shanghai and committed to bringing innovative science and medicines to underserved Chinese patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. Backed by RTW Investments, JiXing was founded in 2019 and partners with global biotechnology companies to develop and commercialise novel, innovative therapeutics to treat unmet medical needs in cardiovascular and ophthalmic diseases. With a strong and further developing asset pipeline, industry-leading talent, and patient-centric focus, at this key inflection point in JiXing's growth journey, we were commissioned to implement a full brand refresh, website design, and brand activation programme. https://www.jixing.com/en/

As a Chinese company working with global biotech partners, it was important for the corporate identity and broader brand to connect with both domestic and international stakeholders whilst also being reflective of its Chinese heritage and its focus on providing primarily cardiovascular therapeutics.

The final logo reflects this marriage between disruptive biotech science driven by the heart, with a vibrant primary colour palette of tangerine and green associated in both Eastern and Western cultures with good fortune, happiness, harmony, purity, and growth.
In addition to the new logo, we developed the broader brand visual language around JiXing's science, using DNA and scientific 3D modeling to build out animations, iconography and an extended graphic language/toolkit to be applied across both digital and offline communications.
At this stage in the development of the brand, photography plays a minor role, with graphic illustration taking the lead. Typographically, we adopted a san-serif face to reflect the progressive and contemporary nature of the business but we also needed to ensure synergy in typographic application across dual languages and the implication of custom fonts when hosting within a China-based server infrastructure.

With the hosting constraints in mind, we used Roboto for the English language and Noto Sans for simplified Chinese, both Google fonts that would consistently serve both language variants to domestic and international audiences.
We approached the design and build of the website knowing the importance of the need to host the site in China as a key requirement. This brought with it a number of technical and design implications.

Whilst the brand was designed to be dynamic, we could not rely on the ability to integrate .mov animations and needed to build all animation in code. With Chinese firewalls blocking additional types of traffic including Google Analytics, YouTube, reCAPTCHA, Google Search Console and more, we had to circumnavigate these issues using a combination of alternative third-party tools and building our own proprietary solutions where needed. Similarly, with the hosting in China, we utilised the Cloudflare platform to ensure speed and security alongside the reliable performance of the site at all times across desktop and mobile devices for both Chinese and global audiences.
Beyond the brand refresh and website, we also implemented the broader brand creation, activation, and roll-out across further print and digital applications in addition to creating a brand toolkit as part of our ongoing brand guardian and digital support partnership.