JOE Bike Brief

  • Becca Beaumont

JOE is a bike hire scheme allowing riders to pick up bikes at Costa’s in Newcastle. Coffee and biking go hand in hand, there is a growing craze of ‘coffee/bike shops.’ Merging the two together is something that people thrive off. There has become a ritual where people purchase a pre ride coffee as the caffeine stimulates you mentally and physically before a ride. Coffee stain ‘JOE’ will be on the outside of Costa’s and you will find your ride there. The JOE app will also navigate you to where the Costa’s are and how many bikes are at that Costa. It allows you to stop and get your coffee then pick up your JOE Bike. Joe is a practical bike hire scheme which will prevent the rental bikes from getting left around Newcastle and instead will only be allowed to be dropped off at Costa’s. JOE Bikes will also come with loyalty crds in order to gain free rides and coffee. Joe Bikes also support sustainability with bikes being partly constructed from waste from Costa coffee!