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  • Natasha Minter
  • Gergana G Popova
  • Burju Shen

The modelme team are looking for new ambassadors to join our team! At modelme we focus heavily on building a positive culture that connects with individuals + adapts where necessary, always staying true to our values + focusing on people. Our mission is to support creatives with the mental health + business of being a creative. We currently function all online; through regularly online events + our membership platform. The modelme team are looking for new ambassadors. you can be based ANYWHERE, you can be ANYONE - as long as you’re aligned with our values + principles, maybe you could be perfect for our family ❤️ What are our values? Here’s a few: To help people be the best version of themselves To encourage people to look within and get to know who they really are To always value rest + for rest to be a key principle of work at all times ☁️ To communicate clearly and regularly with each other To encourage courage + vulnerability To always stay true to our mission + never “sell out” To create opportunities for people from all walks of life To apply: