Joshua. James "Compliments" Ft. Rasstokyo

  • Deshon Smith

A review of Joshua. James' song "Compliments" Ft. Rasstokyo.

In preparation of his debut album releasing this summer, Joshua. James has delivered a new single titled “Compliments” featuring Rasstokyo. This latest offering from the producer, songwriter, and musician can only be described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I mean that in the best possible way. Upon first listen, the bass heavy, yet smooth and jazzy beat that Joshua. James has so elegantly crafted instantly make your ears perk. The horns, perfectly coupled with the melodious hook, sung by South East London Rapper, Rasstokyo, almost forcefully makes your head nod, as you quickly become entranced. However, once you peel back this enchanting veil and digest the lyrics, you realize that an important message is being conveyed. To put it simply, compliments don’t pay the bills or put food on the table. Let’s be real, everyone loves praise, some people even go as far as to strive and ultimately live for it. However, with this single Joshua. James and Rasstokyo are letting it be known that sufficient funds should be provided to those that work hard at their craft, especially when the craft is receiving so many positive reviews. It’s apparent that artists are wising up to the Ponzi Scheme that is the music industry, and this duo is defiantly, boldly, and rebelliously saying that they aren’t going to put up with it anymore. “Put myself first so I can grow, I need a car to drive on the road, I need me a house to get off the road, my rent is due bitch, I cannot pay with no clothes,” Rasstokyo sings in the first verse, as if metaphorically putting his foot down. Still, these nearly aggressive lyrics are delivered harmoniously over a silky Joshua. James produced beat; instantaneously creating an urge within the listener to hop in their car with all of the windows rolled down and find the nearest freeway to cruise. As I write this review, with a firm grasp on the unmistakable message that is being conveyed, I can’t help but ironically compliment the very song that is explicitly telling me “I don’t need your compliments” on the hook.
-Deshon Smith