Joules x Haute Hijab

  • Asha Naran

Haute Hijab is a sophisticated brand that celebrates and empowers hijab-wearing women by designing innovative products fuelled by obsession with superior service and craftsmanship. Within Joules customer value their strategic objective is to increase an active customer base as well as frequency of interaction within the brand. By collaborating with this brand, Joules will be introduced to a new cultural audience. Joules will gain recognition for taking a step towards a wider audience including an eastern audience, therefore gaining sales. When doing a survey amongst British Muslim women aged between 30-60, I asked if they were to buy from Joules what designs would they be attracted too. The response was unanimous stating that they would go for hijab with simple and minimal designs. Also adding that intricate designs puts them off as it harder to wear with multiple outfits. Furthermore this designs can be easily transferable to different products within the collection, for example scrunchies and hairpins. One of the things Joules stands for is making sure that the brand respects the environment, and that they see it as a responsibility to look after the world around them. Staying true to Joules values, I decided to present the Hijab on a cardboard hanger when in-store. This is so that once the customer takes the item home it is easily recycle-able.