Journey Book

I created a process book to explain my journey through three of my projects of second year. I reflected on what worked well and what I could do differently.

This brief was an opportunity to arrange three of my projects into a structure that told the story of the creative process I went through to achieve those outcomes.
I used this journey book as a way of reflecting on what I did and why I did it, as well as identifying what I can learn from the projects. As the three projects were about systems in graphic design I also decided to use a colour system within the book to help the reader locate what chapter of the book they are reading.
For the outcome I decided to perfect-bind my own book as I felt this was the best way for me to develop further skills and learn from the process. I decided to create a front cover using the colour swatches from my first project to help the book align with the process. I felt the book worked well as a summary of my first term of second year.

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Stephanie Marsh

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  • Student at The Arts University Bournemouth

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