Jukebox: An Alternative Alcoholic Drinks Brands

Jukebox is a brand that seeks to guide its customers into discovering new cocktails and new music. Each month, the brand releases a new cocktail inspired by a song from an up and coming artist in order help promote and share new music with the world.
The name Jukebox refers to the machine commonly found in bars and pubs. These machines often held a huge variety of songs of different genres for everyone to enjoy. I decided this was an appropriate name for a brand which is all about discovering more. The mix of music also links to the mixing drinks, which is how cocktails are made.
For the logo, each letter in the name is inspired by a different genre of music. For consistency, all of the letters were formed from Museo Sans so the x height and glyph width was kept fairly consistent. As for the colours, I wanted a bold colour palette to reflect the boldness and adventure of exploring new music and flavours.
So that the brand can also target the cocktail amateur, they will release starter kits that contain all of the basic spirits for the most common type of cocktails. These include, white rum, triple sec, vodka and whiskey. The box is designed to look like a Jukebox, but instead of song lists it contains a list of spirits the customer can choose from. The spirit names that are filled with a white background indicate the contents of that specific box.
Each of the spirits inside will have a different pattern on the wrap and these patterns will be used later in the cocktail recipes to signify what spirits are needed in that particular drink.
Small details. such as the brand slogan on the open tab, help emphasise the brand ecouraging its customers to 'discover more'.
Each month, the brand will release a new cocktail inspired by a new song from an up and coming artist. If you subscribe, the brand will send these out to your door each month.
The subscription packs will contain a cocktail inspired by a different song from a different artist and genre so it seems appropriate that the visual language will also change for each cocktail. For the sake of consistency, all the illustrations will stick to the extended colour palette but the illustration style can vary as much or as little as necessary to really reflect the contents of the box.
This example shows one of the monthly subscription packs. This specific cocktail is inspired by the song ‘Electric Man’ by Rival Sons. The bottle contains the cocktail flavouring so all the customer needs to do is add the alcoholic spirits.
The bottle is designed to look like a 7” vinyl, again referencing the musical influence behind the product. The bottle will also have the track title embossed onto it.
When you open the box, the bottle will be kept inside a small sleeve, just like a vinyl record. Also, the recipe will be cut into a circular shape that perfectly fits the size of the bottle for ease of packing. This recipe contains the contents of the bottle as well as the spirits that need to be added to the drink.

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