• Thomas J Elliott

To SUNeVision, learning the latest ideas and technologies is a rule to survive in the ever-changing tech industry. This is what attracts them to be a cohort partner in the JUMPSTARTER event with Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund. The representative of SUNeVision featured in this video would go on to join the big conference as a speaker, exchanging his visions in tech and startups with other representatives from our partner companies. This video was one of four used prior to the event to promote why SUNeVision want to be part of JUMPSTARTER and what they are looking for out of the event. It also acted to promote the event to attendees so they could get a flavour of what the CEO of SUNeVision might have to offer as a speaker at the event. This video was shot with three Sony Mirrorless Cameras with a three person crew to fit within a social media budget and to provide nimble content quickly and in an agile fashion to meet the clients needs.