Jungle Creations

  • Callum Henderson
  • James Wiles
  • Laura Block
  • Cristina Aguirre Hidalgo
  • Tom Love

Jungle Creations is one of the most viewed media houses in Europe, with their social media content regularly exceeding 5 billion views a month. They own 6 social communities including VT, Twisted and Level Fitness and have a combined following of over 100 million people. Through a series of strategic workshops, we helped them define their brand strategy and b2b positioning. Solutions: Our rebrand focused on positioning Jungle Creations as a thriving and dynamic agency by showcasing their original content to a B2B audience and delivering it with the energy and charisma that they’ve become known for. Our work with Jungle also covered each of their affiliated brand channels including Twisted, VT, Level Fitness, World Unknown and many more. Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Tone of Voice, Art Direction, Digital, Animation, Social, Toolkits.