Jurrassic World Evoltuion 2 - Announce Trailer

  • Richard Parnes

Sixth times the charm?… What could possibly go wrong?... Cue the music, John. From working with one of our favourite Hollywood personalities; the legendary Jeff Goldblum, producing this asset for Frontier Developments and partnering with The Mill, we’re beyond thrilled to present our biggest #CGI asset to date. From storyboarding and wireframes to animatics and fully fledged CGI, it’s been an incredible (65 million year) journey to bring this iconic brand and franchise to life. We hope you hope you enjoy this as much as we did! Take a look at our Announce #Trailer for the highly-anticipated Jurassic World Evolution 2 just below! #lifewillnotbecontained #lifebreaksfree #lifefindsaway #whatcouldpossbilygowrong

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