Kano 'Hoodies All Summer' Tour London

  • Eric Celal Aydin-Barberini

Kano live at The Drumsheds for Nation of Billions "Kano had a fantastic year in the world of music and TV with a critically acclaimed gem in ‘Hoodies All Summer’ which encapsulates some of the themes he tackled in his starring role as Sully on Netflix’s ‘Top Boy’ based in East London. Across 10 tracks, Kano provides a snapshot of the current state of the ends from the eyes of many as his nimble, considered bars cut through a rich palette. It’s no surprise, the 34-year-old Grime legend sold out his London leg of the Hoodies All Summer Tour which was held in The Drumsheds, deep in the heart of Meridian Water. Accompanied by a live band and a quintet of backing singers – including Lil Silva who features on ‘Got My Brandy, Got My Beats’ – Kano was ready to bring his sixth album to life" Full Piece: https://nationofbillions.com/kano-brought-the-manor-to-the-drumsheds-in-epic-headliner Photos by me Words by Samuel Adegunle