Kenwood - 'Feed your imagination'

To establish our approach to the concept, we collaborated with director James Lovick and DOP Chris Fergusson. Together we imagined a film with a real-world feel. Beautiful imagery of the food would be set alongside real-life situations showing how the Titanium Chef would work in the home. To film we used a variety of techniques, including using a Periscope lens to open up a new perspective into the macro world of the food.
The ad focused on 2 recipes which we helped develop. The recipes were designed to make use of ingredients that both looked appetising on camera and effectively showcased the product’s features. The film was re-versioned into several different durations for different international markets and mediums. To make sure this was possible we worked during the shoot to ensure the shots would all work for the various storyboards required. Music was a bespoke composition for the piece and was re-versioned for each duration, working closely with the sound design to highlight both the food and the product within the real world environment.
The film went out on UK VOD and on TV in Europe, as well as featuring on a Kenwood microsite and online across social channels. Stills from the film were also used in digital banner advertising campaigns.


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