Kevin Griffin / Omey Island

  • Rhiannon Adam
Kevin Griffin / Omey Island: Last Man Standing

In 2013, I founded Lost Cat, a publishing company with my former Thames & Hudson colleague, Kate Slotover.

Our first release was a book by photographer Kevin Griffin called Omey Island: Last Man Standing.

The book features images of former stuntman, and now virtual recluse, Pascal Whelan who is the last remaining resident on Omey Island, a small tidal island off the Connemara coast in Ireland.

As well as Kevin's beautiful images, a selection of archival imagery, interviews with Pascal, and historical details are spread through the book on marked uncoated sections of Yulong paper.

The fonts were used to reflect both Celtic and vintage 70s Hollywood movie posters, and the colour palate taken from 70s interiors, the Irish tricolour flag, and Pascal's own caravan. Further inspiration came from retro annuals and scrapbooks.

Design: Rhiannon Adam
Edited by: Rhiannon Adam
Production: Rhiannon Adam
Printer: Toppan Leefung
ISBN: 978-0-9926438-0-5

Spec: 140pp, hardcover, with 2 colour foil blocking and debossed cover, printed end papers, and sprayed edges. 2 paper types - uncoated yulong sections, alongside coated matt art paper sections with a UV spot varnish over image area