• Paolo Bischi
  • Zach Joseph

KILCHOMAN DISTILLERY | 2018 BRAND FILM CAMPAIGN 100% Islay - From Barley to Bottle is an expression of single malt whisky taken back to its roots; a small distillery honouring tradition and its homeland with a truly unique vision. The campaign film opens on an early morning Islay, wind and sea swept, as Kilchoman's owner, Anthony Wills anticipates the first harvest of the year. Out in the fields the barley dances in the wind, as if to signal to him and us that the time is now, the crop is ready, for the whole process to begin. The viewer is taken on a kaleidoscopic journey, where members of the Kilchoman team and nature collide, working in harmony to distill Islay's character. As the bottle is finally graced with its label the camera returns full circle, to Anthony, the barley and to nature.


  • Cannes Corporate Lions | Gold Dolphin (Best Director)
  • Muse Awards | Gold Winner (Category: Food and Drink)
  • Lovie Awards | People’s Choice Award (Category: Internet Video, Food and Drink)