Kingston Graphic Show

  • Carol Bergin
Exhibition design, curation and build of our degree show in Peckham this summer.
Our task was to design, curate, and build an exhibition in Copeland Park, Peckham; which felt consistent with the three colours and tape themed branding of our degree show.
Myself and a partner designed and built 3 large rolls of tape to sit in the entrance of the space, gently directing people towards the work and immediately showing visitors the title and branding of our show.
Due to the uneven surface of the floor, we were unable to build walls in the space. Instead we suspended plywood boards from the existing roof beams using cargo straps. Supporting work was displayed on tables which could sit underneath.
We incorporated the branding into our exhibition design by using the tape itself as way finding on the ground outside, to lead visitors to our venue. We suspended large rolls of fabric in the 3 colours from the roof beams.
The tape was also used as a handy waterproof cover for our bar counter!