KWAIDAN for Sicky Magazine

  • Al Sarcoli

Creative Direction, Photography and Retouching: Al Sarcoli Photographic Assistants: Quenkie Tian, Yanan Guo and Wendy Zhang Hair and Make-Up: Han Yifan Model: Wen Xiao Inspired by the classic horror Japanese movies, KWAIDAN explores the Freudian concept of “The Real and The Other”. A concept that has been explored by various theorists (Simone de Beauvoir, Julia Kristeva, Sigmund Freud, among others) and where "The Other", whatever its context, is always removed from social norms instead of being accepted. Within this cinematographic universe, the perversion of the quotidian is a recurring element that is usually linked to the subconscious of the human being. Sometimes fear does not come from the unknown, but comes from our less familiar side. The Other does not come from outside, but is within one.