La bellezza dell'italia

  • Francesca Moore

Last Summer. I was working two jobs to save up for a short trip around France and Italy. We managed to see six cities in six days. Our first three evenings we slept on Flixbus’s to keep travel expenses to a minimum. We would get on around midnight and arrive in a new location as morning rose. The main aspiration for the trip was to explore the different cultures, the beauty in European architecture and cuisine. I dream of living in different cities around the World, hence why working in fashion - a global industry, appealed to me growing up. Here is a little message I wrote describing my project in 2019: ‘During my exploration of Italy this summer, I was captivated by the carefully crafted class of the ‘Baby Boomers'. Casual chic, architectural pleats, and suits with ties, all these quality details that caught my eye.
 At the influential age of 21, I am often over-whelmed by social media figures between 18 and 25 years. Despite growing diversity within the fashion industry, I feel there is an age group left unacknowledged, and unappreciated for their stance on style. My documentary series hopes to drive the industry towards a more positive and inclusive relationship, where age is not a determinant of beauty.  
 Photographing the subjects in their natural environment sparked further joy to my aesthetic interest. Situated on the streets of Venice, these men walk the cobble in colourfully, yet corroding surroundings. The contrast in textures and silhouette only further highlighted the prim and proper presence of the Italian textile heritage.’
 I aspire to enlighten the following thought process: fashion has no age.