La Nonna

  • Sabrina Di Mauro

A new London start up want to launch a range of Italian pasta. The pasta will be sold in a boutique shop and the packaging has to represent the uniqueness of the brand and be tailored toward premium consumers.

My concept: My idea for this brief was that the packaging had to showcase the authenticity and quality of the pasta, and to give consumers a genuine connection with the brand by designing a ‘handmade packaging’ design, similar to those found throughout Italy when packaging pasta. I wanted to create a bespoke traditional design that would give the feeling that the pasta had been created from a grandmothers recipe book, something that customers could trust, and be instantly recognisable on a shelf, creating the new ‘go to brand’ when consumers wanted to buy pasta.
The final result: To establish a real connection between the customer and the packaging I decided to use my artistic flair to hand-draw different kinds of pasta. I was convinced the imagery had to show something unique, something that couldn’t already be easily found in London. Building on this design inspiration, I added a custom designed logo that would build awareness of the brand. The final result culminated with a design that feels nostalgic, reminiscent of a grandmothers recipe, yet modern and authentic to attract a wide consumer demographic.