• Euan Reith

This project was created for an exchange semester at ESAG Penninghen, Paris, as a third year 'Grand Project'. This world Imagines a future dystopian government, where the environment has been completely destroyed and freedom is a concept of the past. Taking visual inspiration from the 60s where affinity to oil was at an all time high and its provisions to fuel globalisation seemed limitless, this world seems to continue its use of fossil fuels with blissful ignorance at the direction of the government. Studying a course for art direction at Penninghen, I was required to design and visualise my world through photography, editorial design, animation and UI design. Shown below, the Republic of Post-Environment is celebrating their 25th anniversary of the founding of the nation. Along with a propaganda campaign and subliminal commercial, the citizen homepage is showcasing this years Natural Photography Award's winner. Come join the R.A.E, once you get there you'll never want to leave!