Lakehouse is a construction company that works with local authorities in London and the South East to design, build and maintain social housing in the community. Originally run from the founder’s spare bedroom, we started to work with the company as a new CEO and Chairman joined to help the already successful company through the next stage of its growth.

Lakehouse is much smaller than its competitors, and although it punches well above its weight in its heartland, we needed to help it stand out to help it move into new communities and regions.

Our first task was to help the brand change the way it saw itself. In a space that is increasingly visible to the public and open to scrutiny, we helped Lakehouse shift from seeing itself as a pure B2B company that dealt with councils to a B2B2C business that plays a central role in the community. By building better relationships, the brand becomes part of the solution, not just another bunch of faceless contractors passing through.

What was clear is that Lakehouse had always been about: ‘Making a difference to people’s lives’. Highlighting this idea created a true shift in the brand’s identity. And because the business was built on very humble origins, this idea helped to instil a sense of self, confidence and pride in the business and the community.

The idea of ‘Making an Impact through Deeper Relationships’ has put Lakehouse firmly at the heart of the communities they work in. It has created a strong purpose for the staff, giving them the tools they need to go beyond just delivering a contract, building empathy with residents as long-term partners in the community.

As well as changing the brand’s mindset, we created a friendly new brand identity that makes the brand highly visible in the community, underscoring its commitment to putting customers first.

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