• Gillian Bourke

Introducing: Dealing With Rejection After months of constantly getting declined from jobs, it really got me thinking . . . . Maybe i'm applying for the wrong jobs? Maybe the generic working environment isn't for me? These are all questions that i'm going to hopefully learn the answers for during my podcast series, both to benefit myself & other juniors in the creative industries who are also struggling to come to terms with career rejection. I reached out to my lovely community here, who told me to just go for it. I'm so happy to be embarking on this journey/project! I guess I won't completely know until I put it out there right? Along the way as I further develop I will be looking for guests to join me & I would love to hear from more of my great community on here, I would love to have you all on! The following video is just announcing the concept & how I got to this stage. *I do apologise for the hair fiddling I was quite nervous recording this