Lauren Luke Refuge - Don't Cover It Up Case Study

Over 65% of women who experience domestic violence keep it hidden, particularly young women. Refuge, Britain’s leading Domestic violence charity wanted to address this. But with no budget, were faced with a problem. How do you talk to a notoriously hard to reach audience about a subject they don’t want to talk about?

In July 2012, Lauren Luke - our 'trojan horse' - posted a tutorial called “How to look your best the morning after”. Viewers were shocked to see a heavily bruised Lauren explaining how to cover up marks of abuse as if it were normal. At the end, the “Don’t cover it up” message appeared with Refuge’s details.

The campaign was hugely successful in helping those who suffer domestic violence stop 'covering it up.' Below are some of the awards it received -
Creative Circle - Gold of Gold's
Creative Circle - Online - Gold
British Arrows - Best New Creative Team - Gold
Campaign Big - Integrated - Gold
Campaign Big - Film - Gold
Campaign Big - Direct - Gold
Brand Republic Future 5 - The Big Idea - Winner