• Jamie McCormack
  • Gareth Young
  • Rodi N. Papadopoulou

A short experimental film that explores the psyche of a young woman who arrived in the UK with high aspirations but is struck by the grind of life here, the ennui of an unfulfilling life and uncertainty on the decisions she's made and is making. Framed around a voice message she's received from her brother back in France, we see glimpses of her life here and the loneliness of her life now - seen in contrast to the supposedly fulfilling options available back home. We see this film as a shout out to those who’ve made the leap into the unknown and cut off the safe options. It’s always terrifying when you’re faced with a new life and know that this decision will affect the rest of your future. The past can be a siren call to you - to get back into the safety of life a structured.. a designed-by-others/convention life without risk.