• Ketan Raval

We produced a film and supporting creative, an awareness campaign for WACL a high profile gender equality campaigning organisation which has been supporting women since 1923. The approach was as an emotive exploration of the stories and personalties of a group of diverse WACL mentees, with a conversational feel, the narrative explores the journey of each person, who they are and who they have become through the WACL programme. The film was produced in black and white with dramatic cutaways over voice adopting subtle lighting techniques. The use of light represents going from a journey of darkness to light, a collaborative path of positive self discovery, knowledge and power. We wanted to demonstrate that becoming a leader doesn't have to be a lonely journey as WACL can offer powerful support. The campaign featured a series of short films and a National DooH Campaign in all major UK cities featuring static and motion ads positioned across over 40 UK sites. Campaign tag: #LeadingForChange