Leagas Delaney | Brand identity

  • Denis Mallet

Modernising the look and feel of a global, independently owned creative communications agency providing award-winning advertising services since 1980.

Client: Leagas Delaney

Industry: Advertising

What we did:
  • Concept development
  • Branding, visual identity, logo design
  • Visual identity application
  • Stationery design

Leagas Delaney is an independent communications agency, with offices in London, Shanghai, Hamburg, Milan and Los Angeles. Since their foundation in 1980, they have devised advertising strategies and communication campaigns for a myriad of high-profile clients including Patek Phillipe, Investec, BASF, Penfolds, British Red Cross, Shelter and Shiseido to name just a few.

Chairman Tim Delaney has shared with us his desire to refresh the company’s visual identity. We’ve started by analysing the existing visual elements and proposed to simplify and transform the existing logotype, the company’s full name written at a 45 degrees angle, into a more memorable and recognisable symbol.

Examining the typographic style has been the first part of the research and eventually led to creating the symbol from the company initials — L and D. By associating and imbricating both letters it became clear the two entities graphically supported each other — the closed D shape at the bottom being more static and the open L shape at the top retaining and dragging up the D like a hook. This composition ascertained the notion of movement, strength, control and dynamism. We have decided to keep the inclination of 45 degrees and apply it as a rule across the rest of the visual elements, to give the company’s visual identity a more dynamic look and feel.