Lee Stafford Hair Apology Press Release

  • Heather Hamilton Saunders

CLIENT Lee Stafford through Mibelle Group Brands. Hair Apology, is a new sub-range within the Lee Stafford hair care umbrella. OBJECTIVE Promote key benefits and launch Hair apology brand look and feel to the press and key influencers. Ensure a premium printed tangibles are produced. HAIR APOLOGY The typography, model selection and messaging have been designed to target consumers with weakened hair that has been left feeling damaged, broken and unhappy. The tone of voice is all about emphasising punchy and modern lettering to communicate turning the clock back on damage. Branding, Concept Development, Photography, Typography. Project management of Hair Apology Look and feel and branded assets.

Influencer Outreach Implementation

TThe sample mailer for Hair Apology was sent out to micro influencers. It was originally paused due to COVID 19, then sent June 2020. The influencers received the Hair Apology Intensive Care Booster Treatment and 10in1 Leave in Treatment Spray. Overall, the total reach for the sample mailer was1,680,187.


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