Lembah Batu

  • Jean Kembangkhana

Lembah Batu is a Restaurant & Villa based in Lampung, Indonesia. A small independent family business who’s in core business is to serve families and locals who want to stay in Lembah Batu and have a peaceful holiday and solitude out of the city. Team : Kukuh Prayogo & Reza A.P.

Lembah Batu’s brand and identity caters to the expression of using Lampung’s traditional script or Aksara Lampung. The brand and identity uses inspiration straight from the colour or Lembah Batu’s geographical stones and traditional textile. We make sure that the inspiration taken are traditional and appropriate for the brand but also modernise the execution, creating an elegant and timeless identity for Lembah Batu.

Artwork for the Villa

The client has also personally asked me to create artwork for the villa in my personal style, which translates to abstract art, however, I made sure that I took inspiration from Aksara Lampung and traditional fabric that I traced digitally. Below is the 3D Concept for the Artwork.