• Anna Salenko

Let's Live Now, how does it sound? Well… repeated and total lockdown has shown that each of us is much stronger than it seems. Each of us has learned to live in new life circumstances. Each of us desperately wants to return to the usual way of life, the usual way of interacting with each other. We spend a lot of energy on experiences and thoughts: What would have happened if the world had not been shaken by a pandemic? A sense of missed opportunities is devastating. AIM The goal of the project is to call on LIVE NOW. We have to live in the moment. Let's try to drop all questions and concerns. Let's stop, take a deep breath and finally see the beauty of the world around us. WHY IT'S IMPORTANT FOR US? Just like you, during the pandemic, we face our fears. This helped us understand a very important thing. We all need to appreciate what is. Just live in the moment and enjoy it. DETAILS We are creating a collection of stories of the city residents and hope for your help. We are sure that each person has their own special place of power. Where do they come for consolation, for replenishing their inner energy. RESULT We will research stories of people, sharing their place of power in Hong Kong. As a result, we will create an exhibition of stories. Based on each story, artist Anna Salenko will paint a picture in a bright and emotional technique.