As one of the world’s leading luxury department stores, Liberty has been an icon of British retail since 1875. With a landmark building and extensive collaborations with some of the world’s leading brands, the store retained a status and relevance that has continued to make it an international destination for shoppers and tourists.

But there was a lot of confusion around the brand and, with a lack of clarity, it was presenting itself differently every time there was a new marketing initiative. The brand was getting lost in a sea of sub-brands and subtle tweaks that were undermining over 100 years of heritage.

Perhaps the best indicator of the situation was this iconic brand wasn’t visible on the street – no one could see a Liberty bag in a crowd. The brand was literally being drowned out by the likes of Selfridges.

It was clear we needed to create standout for Liberty. We worked with the CEO and Head of Communications to help find clarity, consistency and a contemporary edge.

Simple elements from the heart of the brand’s heritage were made to work harder: a new and more vivid Liberty purple was created; the famous crest redrawn and the identity was refreshed to express the core elements of the brand more powerfully.

Liberty is famous for its range of signature fabrics. We raided their huge archive of prints, introducing them into the brand identity to unleash powerful, instantly recognisable ‘clothes’ for marketing and communications campaigns.

We also applied the ‘Liberty London’ name across both store and product brands for added consistency, creating a brand architecture and naming conventions that work with the myriad partner brands including Nike, Hermès and Target.


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