Libreria Podcast

  • Ben Duckhouse
  • Nia Mitchell
  • Paddy Butler
  • Rebecca Spence
  • Ceinwen Jarvis

Libreria, a bookshop by Second Home, is an independent bookshop in Shoreditch, London. We help you discover new books and ideas to encourage interdisciplinary thinking. In the shop, we curate our books to maximise serendipity – our shelves are arranged according to broad themes like 'Wanderlust', ‘Enchantment for Disenchanted’ and ‘The City’, so you’re constantly encountering titles you might not have come across otherwise. In this podcast, Libreria's curator Paddy Butler does the same for your ears – interviewing with some of our favourite writers and thinkers, as well as a rundown of the latest titles at the bookshop. Listen here:


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