• Callum O'Neill

An informal language learning space. Igniting excitement and curiosity around foreign languages in the UK and Ireland with a playful twist. The solution to my final year personal brief Language: A New Perspective.

Derived from the Latin words for ‘tongue’ and ‘language’, Lingua is a new celebration of language learning. The brand provides an alternative method to access and appreciate foreign languages in the UK and Ireland, through means of its social space for eating, drinking and talking with others.

Lingua tackles the issue that a massive 80% of people in the UK and Ireland can only communicate in one language. Typically, our limited experience of learning other languages comes from formal settings in school or by the solitary use of another app on our phone, not in an everyday, social environment.

In a playful and informal spirit, Lingua encourages a more open attitude that generates excitement about the prospect of learning foreign languages. With its use of bold colours and an adaptable and diverse graphic language, Lingua introduces us to a lively, socially enriching alternative for language learning. Mainly inspired by my 2019 Erasmus experience in Wrocław.