LIPIKO - The Art of Filipe Branquinho

  • Martina Margaux Cozzi

Written and Directed by Martina Margaux Cozzi Produced by AKKA Project at Studio 36ofx I Milano LIPIKO reveals the creative process and work of Mozambican artist Filipe Branquinho. It sheds light on the artist's latest series "Lipiko" alongside a special focus on his most recent works presented by AKKA Project. The video also includes works such as The CourtTrail presented at La Biennale di Venezia Arte in 2019, In Gold We Trust (2020). Atum (Tuna) (2018) and A Frota (The Fleet) (2020). The latter was inspired by Mozambique's debt crisis in 2016 causing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to suspend funding to the South African nation after over a one billion dollar scam was discovered to have raised government debt to set up a tuna company.