LiveWire, 2016

LiveWire explores Slough’s ever evolving landscape and celebrates London’s exciting relationship with data driven technology. It is situated in The Switch, previously Amazon's HQ, a multi-tenanted building in the heart of Slough. Our developer client reconfigured their ground floor to create a working space and briefed us with creating an artwork that would make a statement in the local area, symbolise the regeneration of Slough and attract the tech start-up companies moving in to the area.
Made from aluminium, glass and LED, LiveWire is a permanent installation in the communal meeting area of The Switch, Hammersmith. LiveWire is designed to incorporate and encourage playful human interaction; using the #theswitchslough viewers are invited to change the behaviour & colour of the wall. The piece responds to both time and temperature; coming alive every quarter hour to show off one of it’s many moving patterns, as well as incorporating colours in response to the outside temperature. In a city famed for it’s pace and diversity, LiveWire exists to illustrate and celebrate this endless re-invention.