Location Based Storytelling for the Cultural Sector

2 Transfer Projects I ran for the Scottish Natural Heritage and All Hallows by the Tower. The images, presented below, originate from izi.TRAVEL’s website and app.

All Hallows is the oldest church in the City of London and has been a beacon of Christian worship since 675AD. Situated next to the Tower of London, the church receives over 125,000 visitors per year.
BRIEF: To transfer client’s audio guide's digital assets on the Viewpoynt app on to izi.TRAVEL’s CMS. Due to impending discontinuation of Viewpoynt’s services; client wishes to continue offering audio guide service to visitors and parish. Because certain exhibit items were moved to different locations within the church the audio guide’s content must also be updated.
RESULT: The company that developed the audio guide app discontinued of its service in September 2016. The Viewpoynt app's assets (9 audio guide: 7 churches and 2 city tours) are no longer available for purchase. With the successful transfer of All Hallows by the Tower audio guide, the client and I approached Viewpoynt’s founder with a similar offer for the remaining stranded clients. He agreed to contact his clients on my behalf and inform them of my offer. 4 Viewpoynt clients responded positively to the offer to transfer their Viewpoynt audio guides on to izi.TRAVEL’s CMS.
• Organised and pre-existing digital assets
  • • Identified outdated digital assets
  • • Updated the multimedia guide’s map with new POIs
  • • Edited audio files
  • • Drafted new script
  • • Photographed exhibit items in new locations
  • • Recorded on site
  • • Supervised new script reading during recording
  • • Transferred newly produced digital assets on izi.TRAVEL’s CMS
The Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is the Scottish public body responsible for the country's natural heritage. It advises the Scottish Government on all aspects of nature, wildlife management and landscape across Scotland and acts as a government agent. In 2013, SNH produced and published the View From The Train app. The app provides 9 audio guide of Scotland’s renowned natural heritage and was designed for train travellers.
BRIEF: To prototype a multimedia guide based on an audio guide available on the client’s app. The View From The Train app no longer has funding. The app’s last update recorded in 2014. With future software updates, the View From The Train app’s functionality is in jeopardy. Client wishes to continue offering service to tourists. Client specified the original content not be altered but wishes to improve app’s functionality and features by utilising izi.TRAVEL’s web mapping, geo-fencing and content-triggering feature.
RESULT: Following the successful development and delivery of the prototype on izi.TRAVEL, client ordered the transfer of the remaining 8 audio tours on the View From The Train app. The View From The Train multimedia guides were the most viewed and played izi.TRAVEL tours in Scotland during the summer of 2016.
• Organised and transferred pre-existing multimedia guide’s content on izi.TRAVEL’s online CMS
• Charted nine train routes with izi.TRAVEL’s web mapping
• Plotted geo-fenced POIs along train routes to trigger relevant multimedia content
• Ran a successful UX test of geo-fenced POIs on app

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Teymour Sursock

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