Lockton: Humanising Insurance

Putting colleagues front and centre as Lockton positions itself as the credible, intelligent alternative to the dominant players. Insight Lockton is the world’s largest, independent, privately owned insurance broker with revenues in excess of $1.25 billion. It is an entrepreneurial and ambitious player that is giving the big brokers in the sector a real run for their money. With a relatively low profile and little by way of professional marketing, the UK business needed to get serious about brand. Ideas Insurance is often described as a commoditised service. So, we wanted to position Lockton as ‘humanising insurance’. This approach is the natural expression of Broking Done Differently. It puts Lockton’s people front and centre as the confident ambassadors of everything that Lockton stands for. We aim to show that Lockton is a business with a brain and a heart. rbl helped Lockton to bring Broking Done Differently to life through creative communications in print, digital and film formats. Digital film has played a key role with a series of ‘In Action’ case studies that give real-world examples of Broking Done Differently. Impact Across everything we delivered on the marketing front, we wanted to convey what the experience of working with Lockton would be like; for potential clients to think: “I want to meet those people and hear what they have to say.”; for potential employees to think: “That’s a company where I think I would really fit in.” Impact It’s all about the people. So, we chose to use informal, active portraits of Lockton’s Partners and Associates. We used a relaxed, contemporary style, with lots of natural light, to convey the personality of the individuals and, by default, the firm.