Locust Lane (Syracuse University Thesis Film)

  • Manoli Despines

2019 • Narrative Short Film (Drama/Comedy) • Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, and Sound Designer • 20 minutes Logline: A college student studying entomology named Max recounts the events of a series of weekends that occurred sometime in the late 1990s, in which he becomes best friends with a boy named Arthur. Max and Arthur’s favorite leisurely activity becomes people watching. As Max and Arthur gather both true and fictitious information about Arthur’s neighborhood, they begin to dream up fantastical stories and fictional biographies of the eccentric people who live on Arthur’s street, a mysterious place called Locust Lane. My senior thesis film at Syracuse University. Currently being submitted to film festivals around the United States. Awards and Accolades: An Official Selection at the 2019 Shortie Film Festival.