LOEWE | Akimbo Stylee - A Documentary on Anthea Hamilton

  • Oliver Palfreyman

I composed the music for this documentary about Anthea Hamilton. Artist and Director Ayo Akingbade directed a film on Anthea Hamilton, the British artist who created the wallpaper 'Sr Jeanne Wavy Boots w. Gazanias and Snails', 2020 for the LOEWE Show-on-the-Wall. One of four shortlisted for the 2016 Turner Prize, Anthea Hamilton is known for creating visually playful and surreal artworks and large-scale installations. On camera, art historian and commentator Dr James Fox, famous for presenting art history documentaries on the BBC, discusses life and art with Anthea Hamilton. The movie was filmed in Hamilton’s studio in Stockwell, London, at Open School East, Margate where she is the artist in residence and at Thomas Dane Gallery in London who represent Hamilton.

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