Logo Collection

  • Ashley Paul Bell

Designs of logos, icons and monograms I have had the pleasure of designing over the last few years. The logo collection is a mixture of both concept, creative fun and client work. When creating brands I like to start by understanding the clients needs and researching particular words to generate ideas for logo designs. I like to follow a simple step by step design process which normally consists of the list below: → Understand why you need a logo → Define your brand identity → Find inspiration for your design → Check out the competition → Choose a design style → Find the right type of logo → Look into colour theory → Pick the right typography → Communicate with your audience → Evaluate your logo options → Integrate your logo design into your brand Are you in need of a current re-brand? Or simply looking for a freelance creative, then please get in touch: → hello@ashleypauldesign.co.uk → www.ashleypauldesign.co.uk