London - Coming Out Of Lockdown

  • Marcus Hessenberg

After the first lockdown, as restrictions lifted in the UK and London, I started filming the streets again. The lockdown was hard for me at the start - not being able to work and to film was painful as it is very much a form of therapy for me. As soon as I got my Sony Fs5 out and walked the streets, I remembered why I loved roaming the streets with a camera. Eventually I started interviewing local Londoners about how the lockdown affected them ad their thoughts on the future of the city and the UK. There was a sense of coming out and starting a new in many ways, with a fingers crossed feeling that the possible second wave won't happen. Well we all know what happened as the summer ended now - the scientists were right and the second (or third?) wave was harder than the first. This film documents a period that was strangely hopeful with cafes getting prepared to reopen, streets filling back up over time and voices from Londoners. This was filmed on the Sony Fs5 during May till September 2020, the year of Coronavirus.

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I am a freelance Director, Filmmaker and Camera Operator based in London - This was filmed and edited as a personal project.