London Handel Festival

Using design and technology to challenge preconceptions and grow audiences. It could be said that classical music is sometimes misunderstood. For some audiences, it’s stuffy, elitist or impenetrable. These barriers effect many forms of art and culture of course, but classical music has more than its fair share. Our brief from the London Handel Festival – a much loved fixture of the capital’s cultural calendar since 1978 – was to tackle these misconceptions head on. With that challenge in mind, we deployed dramatic, emotive language, vibrant imagery and occasional flashes of humour to open up the LHF to new audiences, without pushing loyal attendees away. A new logo device, a bold approach to language and typography, and an occasionally irreverent approach to classical imagery combine to challenge expectations and grow audiences. Beyond the vibrant new brand identity, a key requirement within our brief was a new website for the festival. The digital solution not only enables a more seamless approach to seasonal marketing, but the ticket buying experience is now intuitive and integrated. A successful combination of innovation and tradition: we like to think that Handel – famed for a convention-defying approach to his art – would approve.