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  • Ciaran Daly

Europe’s largest tech festival, London Tech Week, combines networking, social, learning and business opportunities to create an insightful and ambitious event for industry professionals, businesses and individuals to delve into the ever-evolving world of tech. OBJECTIVES: - Create a brand to support the festival’s repositioning of appealing to both businesses and tech-loving members of the public. - Create awareness and recognition, and to become as well-known as London Fashion Week. SOLUTIONS: - Vibrant and aspirational visual identity, with a sense of fluidity and freedom allowing for movement across all touchpoints. - Translated onto a platform presenting the festival’s program for visitors as well as for hosts to manage their events directly on the website. - Created a colour palette reflective of the excitement of a technology festival, which was then used on the website to categorise event types. RESULTS: - Increase from 40,520 attendees in 2016 (before re-brand), to 58,000 attendees in 2019 - Hit target of 35% internal attendees by 2019 - NPS score increase from +15 to +22.6 - Social reach increase from 34.2m to 300m - Sponsorship from tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Intel

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