Looking for brands to sponsor our music event next month!

  • Shakira Newton
  • Shakira Newton

Piece of Cake Productions is brining Along The Coast Fest back to the South Coast next month and we're looking for Black & Global Majority owned brands to collab with us. Piece of Cake is a creative hub dedicated to championing and creating opportunities for Black and Global Majority artists. @poc.prod @poc_prod pieceofcakeprod.com Along The Coast is our annual FREE day festival in Portsmouth. It is a celebration and show case of the South Coast's Black & Global Majority musical talent, businesses and restaurants. @alongthecoastfest We're looking for gifts to give the artists as part of a goody bag (who will post all over their socials - we collectively have a reach of 273,50 across Instagram and Twitter) and/or merch to give to the public to promote your business. Interested? Lush! Shout me on shakira@pieceofcakeprod.com


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