• Norbert Varjasi

Hey everyone, Just wanted to share with you this short film "Lotus". We shot this 3 years ago as the graduation film of the director. Now as it finished its festival circle, it is officially published. It is partly inspired by Gaspar Noé's films as well, so the tone can be a bit strong for some people. You can watch the film here: https://vimeo.com/366184180 We wanted to create a nightmare-ish experience which required some scenes to be shot 360 degrees. On a limited budget, we couldn't afford Asteras to light these spaces, so we had around 30 pieces of undimmable light tubes, that we sliced coloured gels for (these are the ones visible in the shot). We also used 5K and 2K tungstens to boost the ambience in certain rooms and one S60 and an S30 where we needed some extra colour to light the actors. We shot this through 3 nights, in a 4-storey building, so all the respect goes to the lighting and camera crew as well (they are credited in the Vimeo description)