Louis Vuitton Women's Campaign Spring-Summer 2020

  • Rebecca Hopkins
  • Manuel Schibli

Following its début on the runway in Paris last October 2019, the collection's rich Belle Epoque inspiration sets the tone for the new women's campaign. The images photographed by Collier Schorr, reflect her approach to photography as a medium poised between reality and fiction. Schorr, who had also photographed the Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2019 Campaign in her trademark style, reprises the idea of a cast of diverse characters caught as they interact in the rooms and corridors of a landmark hotel.

Actresses and Louis Vuitton Ambassadors Emma Stone and Zhong Chuxi feature alongside a cast of models in the series of captured moments, giving a haunting sense of anticipation to each image. Romantic and visually powerful, the silhouettes are shot by film Director Albert Moya in London’s legendary Park Lane Hotel, with its unique Art Deco architecture serving as the perfect backdrop for the collection.


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