Love Poems

  • Moesha Parirenyatwa

A Folio Society Brief: Illustrate three poems from 'Love Poems' a brand-new anthology of love poetry ranging through time and across cultures, selected and edited by Imtiaz Dharker.

Sea Imagery
I thought about focusing on one visual theme running throughout all the illustrations. Looking at the stories there was a few themes these they have in common, such as dreams, religion and sea.

I chose sea imagery because it is a beautiful setting used alot as a metaphor for love. There are many objects/ scenes found at the sea with connotations to love. For example, in the ‘The trick’ the reader allurdes sadly not having their lover with them anymore, so I chose a lighthouse usually associated with searching and human desire.

To help me composite my ideas, I used images to collage rough ideas.
Final illustrations created with blue biro.
The Trick by Imtiaz Dharker
The Good-Morrow by John Donne
Wild Nights! by Emily Dickinson